Owl Schooling

Owlschooling is the place, where you can discover the lessons for Edexcel IGCSE and Edexcel IAL .

We, Owls, will teach you all the techniques and methods that will help you , Owlets, to get through your exams. There are about 40 different tutors and you will be allocated to a specific tutor. We, Owls, will give the best effort to help you with the exams.

There are different types of tutoring courses and you can book any class that suits you.

We consider the tutors as Owls and the students as Owlets.

So why did we choose Owl to represent us?

Owls symbolizes paranormal wisdom and fierce intelligence.

Each tute package consists of the 5 following notes

Short Notes

Knowledge Questions

Knowledge Questions Solutions

Topic Wise Questions

Topic Wise Questions Solutions

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